Connecting candidates with career coaches faster to accelerate time to land

Connecting candidates with career coaches

Our focus on high-quality coaching and technology innovation enables you to protect your brand and your bottom line while providing the career-changing experience your employees deserve, at a savings of over 60%.

  • Intoo accelerates the path to meaningful employment opportunity through immediate and on-demand access to personalized guidance from expert career coaches
  • Intoo helps global job seekers land new roles in an average of 10 weeks by delivering unlimited one-on-one coaching 7 days a week
Explore the Intoo coaching difference

Dedicated coaching 7 days a week

This means access to resume writers, interview coaching, networking advice and more, every day—including Saturday and Sunday.

7 days a week
Flexible solutions
for employees, employer brand, and bottom line
  • Four levels of support—each with a minimum of 6 months of service—enables you to give employees the motivation and support they need without sacrificing quality or employer brand protection.
  • While the complexity of other providers' programs make choosing the right options difficult, our solutions make it easy with coaching that adapts to individuals' needs as they engage.
  • Unlike traditional outplacement providers, Intoo saves on high overhead costs and invests in innovation and unlimited coaching to deliver an affordable outplacement offering that can be given to more—if not all—employees.
Award-winning platform and dedicated support
for candidates and HR leaders
  • Your dedicated Client Success Manager is available to support you and your team before, during, and after workforce change events.
  • We provide candidates with access to millions of job listings in addition to interactive AI assessments, video interview preparation technology, and other innovative job seeker tools that maximize each employee’s unique career opportunities and accelerate landing time.
  • Intoo’s reporting dashboard puts program results at your fingertips to provide a clear line of sight into results.
Better results
with candidates landing 2.5X faster
  • Strategic and consultative career coaching offers the quickest path to meaningful career change—that’s why our candidates receive unlimited, individualized, one-on-one coaching 7 days a week.
  • Our career coaches receive a 97% satisfaction rating from job seekers on resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile writing, in addition to coach guidance on interview strategies, salary negotiations and more.
  • As a member of Career Star Group, Intoo’s established global coaching network supports your transitioning workforce in 102 countries around the world.