Candidate Experience

Acknowledge the person behind each application

Intoo’s candidate experience solution serves the applicants you didn’t hire—an often overlooked, but vocal majority—who may be the right fit for tomorrow’s opportunities.

Turn applicants into advocates

72% of applicants who have had a bad candidate experience talk about it. Avoid negative online reviews and instead get them talking about how much you care.

Send more than a “thank you” note

Demonstrate your employer brand values with ease. Intoo’s candidate experience solution delivers automation and employee brand protection.

Career Placement Resources

Intoo’s candidate experience solution delivers meaningful resources and tools to help you build and maintain a strong candidate pool.

Easy setup and
customizable features

offer the ability to launch a custom branded solution in just one day.


with leading Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) enable you to automate notifications and invitations to all declined candidates.


platform puts program metrics at your fingertips so that you can monitor candidate usage as engagement occurs.


empowers you to extend career support and resources to everyone in your talent community.

How can a positive candidate experience help you build your employer brand?

Your site supported me all the way through to landing my new employment and helped remind me I was not alone. My hand was held the whole way, even when I was not confident! Thank you!

Trina D.

Extremely useful materials. The assessments were excellent for defining my preferences and skills, and I got a lot out of the workshops, especially when preparing for an interview.

Pekka M.

Your site helped me to better market my skills, education, and employment history, which in turn, aligned me with a practical and realistic employment opportunity at your company.

Kathryn O.

After just 15 minutes, I’ve gained so many insights from the Personal Preferences assessment.

Yusrina D.

Thank you for the valuable resources! Your candidate experience is such a great example for every company.

Fabio C.

This is an amazing touch to offer this service to job seekers. It really does humanize the experience. Thank you.

Linh T.

Thank you for giving me professional tools to help me launch my career. I simply love this site and I am so grateful for this opportunity.

Karen W.

Usually you get a standard rejection email. But when the rejection email came with resources to help me better my application and my resume I thought about how rare and considerate that was. I am very thankful.

Kimosop K.

This is a great resource and has immediately made me more loyal to your brand.

Riley B.

A candidate experience that exceeds expectations

Go beyond the rejection letter and elevate the applicant journey with Intoo’s candidate experience solution—a comprehensive job search platform tailored for today’s talent.

  • Video Interview Practice
  • Professional Networking Tools
  • Social Media Integration
  • Job Boards
  • Cover Letter & Resume Builders
  • Skills Assessments