Career Development and Talent Transition for Manufacturing Industries

Intoo’s outplacement and career mobility solutions for the manufacturing sector protect your employer brand and company culture

New tariffs. Shifting regulations. Cost volatility. While many manufacturing companies have slowed or shut down operations as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, others have pivoted or ramped up to meet new demands. To complicate matters, manufacturing is also facing a growing skills gap due to major shifts in the sector, such as the transition to renewable energy, the rise of disruptive technologies, and the growing use of AI.

31% of manufacturing companies conducted furloughs due to COVID-19

1.3 million manufacturing jobs lost in April 2020

Building brand loyalty among employees and consumers

Facing talent shortages as well as high turnover, manufacturing companies must strengthen and protect their employer brand to retain top talent and the brand loyalty of current and former employees who are also customers.

4 out of 5 Americans (80%) say receiving outplacement services would make them less likely to speak negatively about a former employer if they were to be laid off. 84% of employees will consider leaving their current jobs for a company with a better reputation.

Supporting your employees on their transition out of your company is crucial today in the age of social media, when news of layoffs travels fast. Intoo protects your brand reputation so you can retain customers and attract the key talent you’ll need to pivot and grow, while lowering your unemployment costs and reducing the potential for litigation.

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Manufacturing Industry Outplacement Solutions

Intoo delivers an innovative and comprehensive outplacement solution for the manufacturing sector.

Coaching-first approach

that achieves nearly 2.5x faster landing rates

Comprehensive, personalized

resume review service

On-demand solution

fit for the manufacturing workforce

Candidate success story

My coach suggested that I do the online video interview practice and she provided detailed notes, which was really instrumental in building my confidence and making me feel ready for the opportunity... The neat thing was that the second step in Amazon’s process is a video interview, which tells you Intoo is in tune with today's high tech companies in terms of preparing you and leveraging the technology of the day.
Raymond Fields, Intoo candidate success story

Raymond F.
Previously employed at a major global CPG company
Landed an opportunity with Amazon

Innovative features, unlimited support

Dedicated and on-demand programs

Support for employees at every level of your organization—from interns to executives—with flexible and unlimited coaching options.

Comprehensive resume review

Expert career coaches partner with job seekers for individualized and comprehensive resume writing and optimization for ATS filters.

Online branding and networking

Candidates learn how to maximize networking opportunities with LinkedIn branding and relationship-building strategies.

AI-powered video assessment

Using video AI technology to surface key soft skills, participants work with coaches to effectively communicate their brand to prospective employers.

Industry-proven video interview practice

With 200+ prompts, video interview practice prepares job seekers for today’s interview experience.

Anytime, anywhere access

On-demand coaching access combined with self-paced resources deliver convenient job search support 7 days a week.